3 Life Lessons I Have Learned At 14.

"Fair.... it is where you get cotton candy" my mom always says!! What?? ...I wondered at a young age. It took a few years, but I get it and now it actually make sense to me. Everyone wants to be successful, everyone wants to be happy, everyone wants....well we each have our own list. Even at 14, I have mine. No I have not been around long enough to know the ups and downs to life and I do NOT have the wisdom. But here is what I have learned;

1.Things in life will seem hard and difficult at times. You may want to quit and give up on your goals.

2. People in your life can be cruel, they can mock you or hold you back.

3. Negative people and situations will suck your energy right out from you.

But somewhere inside yourself, you have to find the will to keep climbing toward what you want. Don't let things or people block your path, do your own thing. Sometimes life really is not "fair" but don't waste your time drowning in it, get your cotton candy and move on.



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