My Story

My name is Miller and I am 18 years old. I came up with my trademarked motto Do Work That Matters when I was 11 and inspired by the hard work I saw my Great Grandfather Miller and Great Uncle Eddie put into their farm. I love visiting them and helping out and wanted to do something to honor their dedication, patience, and hard work. My Great Grandfather has since passed but the farm is still one of my favorite places and an important reminder that working hard to help others is important. Do Work That Matters is my way of honoring people that work hard to benefit the lives of others. The heroes next door, Farmers, Military, Firefighters, Police, EMS and on. Show the hero in your life that you honor their work with a Do Work That Matters shirt or hat. I will give a minimum of 10% of profits back to the heroes next door all over the Nation. Take a peek at the heroes next door, who like DWTM. 

Right now, 100% of all my profits go back into my products or out in donations to help these real heroes all over the Nation.  For me it's not about selling t-shirts, it's about spreading my message about these heroes next door. I want you to have a connection to my shirts, and know that you are a part of something bigger...a community of people who give so much.


     Great Uncle Eddie & Miller

Great Uncle Eddie with Miller Great Grandad Miller & Miller    

Great Grandad Miller with Miller                                                              

    Miller on the tractorMiller at the barn     







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