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Butterfly Effect

I recently did a post about the butterfly effect. I was really surprised to learn that my mom had never heard of it.  It comes from the Chaos Theory, basically saying when a butterfly flaps it's wings that it causes a tornado on the other side of the world. Obviously, a butterfly can't do that but there is something to the theory. By creating small changes in complex systems, a major impact can occur. This started with weather,  but it has since been researched and proven in different, market, economic and results are very interesting.  I would like to think that all small acts of kindness and positivity make a major difference in the world. But there are too...

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I read this story written by Darren Poke it was about overcoming obstacles. I wanted to share a piece of it, because I believe it to be true. It said..... If you too want to make the leap to greatness, you must first understand that life is meant to be a series of challenges that we overcome, not avoid. The messiness,  the difficult conversations, the hard work, the discipline, acting boldly when you don’t feel like it.  That’s part of the deal. Don’t pray that God will remove the obstacles, pray that he will give you the strength to overcome them. And then take the leap! -Darren Poke      

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"What Would You Do If You Were Not Afraid"

"What would you do if you were not afraid" -spencer johnson Fear is an ugly monster that will stop you in your tracks. We all fear something.... What about the fear of change? I don't like change, I eat dinner in the same spot each night and if you were to tell me I had to sit in a different spot...well you might get a look of disgust, BUT I would find another place to sit. Yes that is little stupid stuff, but we have to be able to move past the little things so if a bigger change occurs, we can handle it. Sounds reasonable, but it really can be tough to do. Everyday things change, sometimes within seconds.. It...

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