"What Would You Do If You Were Not Afraid"

"What would you do if you were not afraid" -spencer johnson

Fear is an ugly monster that will stop you in your tracks. We all fear something....

What about the fear of change? I don't like change, I eat dinner in the same spot each night and if you were to tell me I had to sit in a different spot...well you might get a look of disgust, BUT I would find another place to sit. Yes that is little stupid stuff, but we have to be able to move past the little things so if a bigger change occurs, we can handle it. Sounds reasonable, but it really can be tough to do.

Everyday things change, sometimes within seconds.. It might be a small change like being forced to sit in a different spot. Those small changes may not cause too much trouble but a drastic change could cause your world to come to a screeching stop. Different can be scary, but if we learn to embrace change we can grow.

We can't control the changes that happen in our daily lives, and we don't have to like them.  Sitting and getting caught up in the past never helps anyone and leads you nowhere. We have to do our best to embrace change so that we can move on and climb to new highs in our lives.


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