5 Easy Ways to Help Others

I've often thought.... IF we had MORE than one National Pay It Forward Day (April, 28) in the year, people might realize the benefits and continue nice deeds on a regular basis. After all, only positive things would come if we were constantly helping others. And yes, the stories of a mysterious man handing out 100 dollar bills to random people is cool and paying for the ladies groceries behind you is REALLY nice, but there are things you can do for free. Here are a few of my favorites:

1. Give a deserving compliment to someone. 

2. Lend a helping hand. 

3. Lend an ear....yes sometimes just listening to someone can make their day.

4. Give encouraging advice or support to someone.

5. Make a thoughtful gesture. Bring your friend their favorite candy. Or take mom or dad a surprise treat.

There are hundreds of ways to pay it forward. These are my favorite because they are easy, inexpensive AND you can do them today!!

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