Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Mood

 The Holiday hustle is finally over, thankfully! I am ready for the New Year!! But brrrr....It is cold outside!!! I don't know about you...but when its this cold out, I feel like a grump:(  So, I thought it would be cool to find a few ways to help grin and bare the cold. Here are my top 5.

  1. Play/Snuggle with your pet:) not sure what it is about our furry friends, but they have a way of making everything better. 
  2. Talk to a friend in person if you can, but FaceTime or phone will do in a pinch. Sometimes we just need human interaction.
  3. Watch You Tube! Sounds ridiculous but why not? I never like whats on TV, so I just dial in my favorite topic and watch the bloopers and blunders of that topic.
  4. Make a big cup of Hot Chocolate! Just makes you feel good! Not your thing? Make a hot cider, coffee, or your favorite tea.
  5. Snapchat!!! This is with out a doubt a frown buster!! Believe me when I tell you putting your face on the snapchat filters will bring a never have to even send it.

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