Yes Regrets

I read somewhere that at the age of 7, something in the brain allows us to feel regret. I don't know if that is true, but I find it interesting.

I always hear people saying "no regrets" but is that really possible? Most likely sometime, somewhere, somehow we would all do something that evoked the feeling. 

I believe how you deal with the regret is the key. You can recognize it, acknowledge and learn from it or let it stifle you and render you stagnant.

You do have to stop wishing and waiting for things to happen, don't be scared to go out and do something. You have to take chances and yes regrets so you have the ability to grow and become a better version of yourself.       

                                                                                                      ~miller & mom

If you catch the train to nowhere

You'll find the strangest man I've ever met,

Who claimed his ears were always ringing

With the sounds of his regret,

Back then time had not yet taught me

Regret was not a sound I knew,

So I thought nothing more than silence 

Was left by things you didn't do,

He said he hoped the sound of nothing

Was the worst I ever heard,

Because regret drives you as crazy

As the taste of swallowed words,

"It's a stone thrown in a well" he mused

And this I've not forgotten:

"It's listening all your life

And never hearing it hit the bottom."

~erin hanson

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